The MicroNourish System



Introducing the MicroNourish System.  

The MicroNourish System is a premier system of nutritional formulas designed to target brain and gut balance to promote inner balance, mental clarity, and a calmer relationship with food. The groundbreaking system feeds the brain powerful micronutrients, helps replenish the gut, and promotes deep nutrient absorption to help keep mood swings, distractibility, overwhelm, and overeating at bay.*

Start The MicroNourish System® today if you:

+  Want to support inner balance, mental clarity, and better coping skills*
+ Crave a strong, nutrient-rich foundation to support optimal health*
+ Are seeking nutritional support as you reduce your caffeine and sugar to get through the day*
+ Aim for inner calm to support avoiding emotional eating*


3 Groundbreaking Formulas.

Feed Your Brain, Nourish Your Gut, Balance Your Life.

Core Micronutrients, Superfood Probiotics & Active EnzymesCore Micronutrients: The cornerstone product of the MicroNourish System: 36 ingredients in one powerhouse formula that feeds the brain and nourishes the gut to promote inner balance, mental clarity, better digestion, and a calmer relationship with food.* This advanced Brain-Gut Balance Formula™  includes powerful trace elements for a strong nutrient foundation that may help reduce cravings, and encourage strong mental health.**

Digestive Plant Enzymes: Includes the 7 key digestive enzymes needed to break down the major food groups and avoid occasional digestive discomfort. This powerful daily blend aids the absorption of micronutrients and macronutrients, and promotes brain-gut balance.*

Superfood Probiotics & Prebiotics: Over 800 million probiotics and whole food prebiotics blended to support the digestive tract and nurture healthy gut bacteria. This powerful daily formula helps promote micronutrient absorption, bowel regularity and brain-gut balance.*

Tracking Sheets: Monitor your progress and increase your self-awareness to bring your moods, focus, eating, and energy into balance






The MicroNourish System contains Core Micronutrients & Digestive Products

Supporting Four Pillars of Brain-Gut Balance™:

With mounting research linking micronutrient absorbability to mental stability and focus, and the connection between a healthy mind and healthy gut now widely recognized, the MicroNourish System makes absorbing superior micronutrients, and maintaining brain and gut balance, easy.* The three formulas in the comprehensive system were developed through scientific research and practical experience to support Four Pillars of Brain-Gut Balance™ that tend to rise and fall together:

+ Balanced Mind – Support stable moods and mental clarity
Balanced Digestion – Nourish your gut for maximum absorption
Balanced Eating – Foster a calmer relationship with food
Balanced Energy – Promote rejuvenating sleep and vital energy

When one of the pillars is out of balance, the others tend to follow. For example, when you are going through a stressful few days, you may notice you are more likely to eat erratically, have digestive issues, and a poorer night’s sleep. Likewise, when you have eaten too much sugar or caffeine, you’ll probably notice increased distractibility, gut complaints, and energy swings.*

Supporting any of the pillars helps balance the other three. To live a stable and thriving life, the four pillars have to work in tandem. That’s why the MicroNourish System helps support all four pillars at once.

 So, what are you waiting for? A more empowered you is one click away:

Absorbability of Core Micronutrients is one step away



Flagship Micronutrient Formula

Why Micronutrients

Why Absorption Is Key

Why Brain-Gut Balance Is Key

[divider_flat] [divider_flat] *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**INTERACTION WARNING: Micronutrients are known to alter the body’s response to psychotropic drugs. It is essential that you consult with your physician before taking micronutrients if you are taking MAO inhibitors, neuroleptics, psychotropics, or any other forms of medication. Do not alter or discontinue any medical treatment based on information on this page, nor without total supervision and support of your medical advisors.

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