Digestive Enzymes, Active Plant Blend

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A powerful blend of active plant enzymes to aid optimal digestion and absorption. Includes the 7 enzymes needed to break down major food groups and facilitate the assimilation of macro- and micronutrients through your digestive tract.

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+ Improve micronutrient absorption*
+ Decrease occasional stomach discomfort after eating*
+ Improve digestion*
+ Promote brain-gut connection* 

Tiny Capsules Help Unlock Maximum Nutrition & Ease Digestion.

Help your body utilize the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in your food and Core Micronutrients. These easy-to-swallow digestive supplements aid the breakdown of major food groups:

  • PROTEASE – Breaks down proteins into amino acids
  • LACTASE Breaks down dairy for absorption
  • AMYLASE  Converts carbohydrates into usable sugars
  • LIPASE – Catalyzes hydrolysis of fats
  • CELLULASE Helps digest fibers
  • INVERTASE – Supports sugar absorption
  • MALT DIASTASE Converts starch into maltose/glucose

The Importance Of Enzymes. Why Should You Take Daily Digestive Enzymes? 

Digestive enzymes function as biological molecules that convert nutrients in your digestive system into a form that can be absorbed by your bloodstream and distributed to your brain and body to balance your system. Enzymes are produced in various glands throughout your body, and also occur naturally in bountiful raw ingredients (live plants), both of which can be diminished by the modern diet. So, Digestive Plant Enzymes help your body help itself.

Feel The Benefits Of Good Enzyme Function. Wake Your Gut-Brain. 

Assimilating food takes a considerable amount of work and metabolic energy. These superior digestive supplements help activate your brain-gut connection:

  • Support diminished enzyme activity during stress, ensuring optimal absorption of the key nutrients that support coping and calm
  • Ease occasional gut symptoms – gas, bloating and indigestion – by catalyzing digestion and replacing less active enzymes in your system (such as ‘lactase’ if you are lactose intolerant)
  • Decrease occasional “digestive stress” and free up metabolic energy for detoxification and assimilation

If you are embarking on Core Micronutrients to support your mood, mental clarity, eating and energy, it simply makes sense to support your digestive processes for maximum nutrient absorption and brain-gut equilibrium.*  Digestive Plant Enzymes come from nutrient-rich sources and help support your metabolic processes, freeing up energy to balance your brain and body.

Boost Your Digestive Plant Enzymes When:

  • You experience occasional digestive problems such as gas, indigestion, and bloating
  • You want to ensure maximum absorption of micronutrients
  • Are eating a rich or highly-processed diet

YOU ARE WHAT YOU ABSORB.®  8 Week Starter Kit – To Help Restore Balance, Clarity & Calm. 
For total mind and body support, we recommend purchasing your Active Plant Enzymes as part of the 8-week MicroNourish System Kit. This powerful combination was designed to maximize micronutrient absorption and promote brain-gut balance – no matter what you’re going through. The MicroNourish System includes:

+ Core Micronutrients
+ Digestive Plant Enzymes
+ Superfood Probiotics
+ Tracking Worksheets

* Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


3 reviews for Digestive Enzymes, Active Plant Blend

  1. Mathilde Walker

    I take these enzymes with every meal now. I love how small the capsules and find they ease my digestive symptoms really quickly. If I feel bloated – like after eating dairy – I’ll take a few extra and feel better rapidly. So much better than the stack of stomach pills I used to take without even knowing what was in them. Now I carry them around in my purse and hand them out to friends after a rich meal! Highly recommend.

  2. B. Jones

    The best enzymes on the market hands down and I’ve tried several! I love the size, they are small and easy to take a few at every mealtime. I take them daily to help with digestion, but I am also severely intolerant to diary and eggs, so if I ever have a meal with either, I am always sure to take extra enzymes before and after and it really helps my digestion, it is probably the only way I can still indulge in these foods on occasion. Great product!

  3. Dolores Baretta

    I have a practice for Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture) in Switzerland. In my experience and those of my patients I find the micronutrient Enzymes to help with digestion, bloating, gas and cramping. They are best used prophylactic but also work very well when certain foods have caused unexpected problems.

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