Digestive Plant Enzymes + Superfood Probiotics & Prebiotics

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A balanced gut is essential for optimal brain health and micronutrient absorption. Many people with brain-fog and mood swings also have digestive issues. Active Plant Enzymes and Superfood Probiotics work together to maximize the uptake of nutrition through your digestive tract, support regularity, and promote brain-gut balance.*

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The Digestive Bundle provides a powerful combination of Digestive Plant Enzymes and Superfood Probiotics to support digestive equilibrium, increase the absorption of macro-and micro-nutrients, and promote brain-gut synergy.*

You may particularly benefit from these nutrient-rich enzymes and probiotics if you:

+ Experience occasional digestive problems, such as gas, indigestion, bloating, constipation and diarrhea*
+ Want to catalyze the breakdown and absorption of nutrients from your diet, and Core Micronutrients*
+ Are under a period of physical or mental stress that may limit absorption & encourage harmful bacteria*
+ Want to promote a strong brain-gut connection*

Digestive Plant Enzymes – DIGEST. ASSIMILATE. ABSORB 

Tiny Capsules To Help Unlock Maximum Nutrition & Ease Digestion.
Help your body utilize the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in your food and Core Micronutrients. A powerful blend of active plant enzymes to aid optimal digestion and absorption. Includes the 7 enzymes needed to break down major food groups and facilitate the assimilation of macro- and micronutrients through your digestive tract:

  • PROTEASE – Breaks down proteins into amino acids
  • LACTASE  Breaks down dairy for absorption
  • AMYLASE – Converts carbohydrates into usable sugars
  • LIPASE – Catalyzes hydrolysis of fats
  • CELLULASE  Helps digest fibers
  • INVERTASE – Supports sugar absorption
  • MALT DIASTASE  Converts starch into maltose/glucose

Superfood Probiotics & Prebiotics – RESTORE. REPLENISH. RESET.

Superfood Formula To Help Rebalance Inner Ecosystem & Promote Brain-Gut Health. 
A superior formula designed to survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. Help support a balanced gut and state of mind with this powerful combination of over 800 million probiotics and superfood prebiotics. This superior blend was designed to increase micronutrient absorption, balance the brain-gut connection and promote bowel regularity to improve moods, mental clarity and eating.*

  • PROBIOTICS: The “good bacteria” that populate your digestive tract, maintaining the natural balance of micro-organisms in your intestines and reducing the growth of harmful bacteria. These microbes have been linked to numerous health benefits, including micronutrient absorption, digestive regularity, improved brain-gut connection, and overall mental well-being and outlook.
  • PREBIOTICSPrebiotics are specialized plant fibers that “fertilize” the probiotics – or healthy bacteria – in your system. As the fibers themselves are not digested directly, they pass unchanged through the acidic environment of the stomach.


YOU ARE WHAT YOU ABSORB.®  8 Week Starter Kit – To Help Restore Balance, Clarity & Calm. 
For total mind and body support, we recommend purchasing your Core Micronutrients as part of the 8-week MicroNourish System Kit. This powerful combination was designed to maximize micronutrient absorption and promote brain-gut balance – no matter what you’re going through. The MicroNourish System includes:

+ Core Micronutrients
+ Digestive Plant Enzymes
+ Superfood Probiotics
+ Tracking Worksheets

* Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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