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Dolores-BarettaDolores Baretta, Acupuncturist & Gut Specialist

” I have a practice for Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture) in Switzerland. One of my main areas of specialties is in digestive issues. I started using Core Micronutrients about 6 months ago. After a month of use I felt that I was more balanced, sleeping well and better able to cope with stressful situations. I have since then been using the product with my patients who have had similar results. From my experience and those of my patients I find the Active Plant Enzymes help with digestion, bloating, gas and cramping. They are best used as a prophylactic but also work very well when certain foods have caused unexpected problems. The Superfood Probiotics & Prebiotics are a great supplement I give to my patients in order to re-establish the natural balance of flora in the intestine. These products have been shown to have great health benefits as they help to normalize the stool.”



Alyson Boyd, CrossFit Competitor, Yoga Practitioner & Health Coach Alyson-Boyd-Circle-Micronutrients-Media.jpg


“I am a CrossFit competitor and avid yoga practitioner. These are without a doubt my passions. They’re what I look forward to every day, what get me jumping – ok, sometimes it’s more of a roll when I’m really sore – out of bed in the morning, and what energize me daily. Prior to CrossFit and yoga, I competed in Fitness and Figure competitions, and was a competitive gymnast throughout my childhood and teenage years. After reading about MicroNourish and specifically the Core Micronutrient formula, I was curious, but by nature, skeptical. However, I am also one that isn’t going to knock anything until I try it, and I’m so glad that I did! I started taking [the MicroNourish System] Core Micronutrients, Active Plant Enzymes and Superfood Probiotics & Prebiotics and after a couple of weeks I really noticed differences both physically, and perhaps even more important, mentally. Physical activity and performance are a huge part of my life, and once I started taking Core Micronutrients I immediately noticed a difference in my appetite stability, energy maintenance and recovery. Reduced cravings for “extremes” (sugars, processed carbs, trans fats), has allowed me to listen to what my body is really craving and have confidence in my ability to respond responsibly. With that has come a freedom to enjoy treats without fear of overdoing it, which, if you’ve ever struggled with eating disorders (or disordered eating habits), you know is a big deal! All of this is of course tied closely to mental benefits as well. Mentally, there really isn’t a better way to describe the difference than improved clarity and, in turn, focus. During training, on my yoga mat, and at the office, there was less of that “mental fog” that sometimes creeps in whether it be in the afternoon or first thing in the morning. I consider Core Micronutrients an essential part of my nutrition regime and am so excited to help promote a product I so strongly believe in to all those who I know can benefit as I have!”


Eugene Berryman, Personal Trainer

“First off,  I want to say that it’s refreshing to see a company that actually takes pride in their product. Without FDA oversight there are too many companies who sell supplements with no quality control so what you end up getting is an unbalanced product that is mostly wasted and flushed out by the body. I’m a personal trainer and my physical workload takes a toll on my immune system. In addition to my demanding schedule, I’ve had an ongoing battle with my focus and stress responses – anyone reading this who is familiar with those issues will understand the strain that can put on a person physically. It can also put emotional strain on loved ones. In about the second week of taking these micronutrients I discovered they had a better effect on my mood than other remedies I’ve tried. Around the same time, I started training for MMA professionally and found that I was much more present. I found it much easier to retain information as I trained. As a professional trainer and athlete, I would recommend anyone seeking mental balance, or under a lot of physical stress due to work or training, to make micronutrients a must-have. The fact that you can actually feel a physical difference in your body after taking Core Micronutrients for an extended period of time should be reason enough to stock up on these micronutrients. If this company ever decides to start sponsoring athletes I would be more than happy to wear their logo on my MMA gear.”


Katie Ruocco, Working Mother of Two 

“I have two toddlers, and a full time job, and I also am training to run 4 x half marathons in September of this year. I cook all of our family’s meals, and eat “real” food wherever possible, but with the best will in the world, I found that I was becoming too reliant on processed, quick fixes to give me the energy boosts I needed to get through the day. I was tired, and stressed, and physically, I kept catching cold after cold, which was playing havoc with my training, and my family life! Then, thankfully, I found the MicroNourish system. Thanks to it, I have found that my cravings have reduced, my moods have stabilized, and I am just more able to make the good choices that I know will benefit my lifestyle. I have lost weight, but that’s more a side effect of my increased energy levels, which are enabling me to train smarter. I feel more in control, and calm. I’m so impressed with the product’s benefits!


Mel, Exhausted Banker

“It takes a few days but I certainly felt a few changes whilst taking MicroNourish products… I purchased it [the MicroNourish System] and the impact was unbelievable. I have always suffered from digestive problems but these diminished over time when I started the micronutrient course. I found that I was able to eat a lot of foods that previously I was very sensitive to… not in huge doses but definitely a lot more tolerable than before. The biggest difference of all, though, was the clarity of mind and efficiency… there were times at work when I literally felt like my brain was on fire. There are days when I go to bed thinking I have a ton of problems and I wake up the next morning knowing exactly how I’m going to solve or tackle them all. As a result, I feel more confident in taking work & personal life decisions. I also trust my thinking process more than ever and don’t feel the need to rely on other people’s opinions as much. It is like awakening from a sleepy state of mind. I love them and I hope the effect lasts….”

M. Walker., Marketer & Emotional Eater 

“This has been a life-changing product for me. I take it every day and think I always will. I just feel so much more balanced and focused on it than not. I used to be the queen of pulling all-nighters to get things done, and lived on coffee and a 4pm sugar-hit like my life depended on it. Within a few weeks of taking Core Micronutrients, my energy started to regulate, my cravings dropped and my moods were so much steadier. My PMS improved, I started exercising more and I lost a bunch of weight. I seriously believe that some kind of ‘shortfall’ must have been solved by this as the impact was so dramatic. It was like the big reset button that I’d been searching for all this time”

B. Jones, Consultant with Occasional Digestive Pain 

“An amazing product! I have been taking this daily and since then I have noticed a significant increase in energy, reduced cravings, better digestion and overall mental clarity and positive moods! It’s an incredible product, I can’t say enough about Core Micronutrients and find myself noticing a considerable difference when I skip taking it, so now Core Micronutrients goes everywhere with me! You must try it!”

J. Parker, Writer with Digestive Complaints & Eating Issues

“I’ve struggled with regular eating habits since I took ballet as a pre-teen. Hello, food issues. Now, in adulthood, I have IBS – a lovely umbrella acronym which, to me, really just means “constantly uncomfortable!”… and, on bad days, feeling out of control But after 8 months taking Core Micronutrients, Active Plant enzymes and Superfood Probiotics & Prebiotics, I’m feeling much more stable and in control. I am enjoying regular, balanced meals that leave me feeling satisfied (because I’m properly digesting them). Before, my relationship with food ranged from guilt to panic. Now, I feel calmer when I eat – which has reduced my overall stress levels and ultimately has led to a much more positive every day experience. This came gradually. I didn’t feel a drastic change in the first three months, but by about month 4-5, I started to feel different. A weight had been lifted (literally!) I can honestly look in the mirror now knowing I’m really taking good care of myself with the help of micronutrients. I look and feel good, because I’m getting the nutrients I need now. And for that, I am incredibly grateful.”

J. Scotti, Education & Support Manager, & Mom Of 2 (Energetic!) Toddlers 

“I’ve been taking the formula for over a year and the difference I see in my moods and energy levels is unmistakable. I find myself naturally making healthier food choices and seeking out physical activity where I had become awfully complacent. I started seeing optimal results after about 3 weeks, so my advice is to stick with it. Like any effective long-term/lifestyle change, you need to be committed. This is not a “fad diet, quick fix”. But it’s easy, and requires no more time than taking your daily multivitamin. Try it; your mind/body will thank you!”

Chris, Writer, Two Classy Chics

“Now that I have been eating better and adding the Core Micronutrients to my diet, my crashes and cravings are pretty much gone. My mood swings are getting a lot less frequent and my stomach has settled down so much more too.

There is still improvement I need to make, but overall I am loving what the additional nutrients the MicroNourish is adding to my body and overall health. Even with juicing, I know I am missing critical vitamins, minerals and the ever important amino acids our bodies need. This product is making sure I have everything I need. This is definitely one I am keeping in my new eating plan!”

Laura T., School Teacher

“I have been taking micronutrients for almost a year now. At first what I noticed was that I was feeling happier and more positive. I was able to happily deal with things which in the past would have frustrated me and got me down. I also found that I had more energy than I can ever remember having. Comparing the time I have been taking them to the time previous I feel like I have had fewer coughs and colds. I would recommend taking micronutrients as for me there have been many positive benefits both physically and mentally.”

Jennifer, Film Producer 

“I have been battling lows my entire life. I was going through a really dark period just a couple of months ago and on the advice of friend, I started taking ‘The MicroNourish System’, which is a series of products that help balance your brain and your gut, as they say. From about a week after I starting taking them until right now, I haven’t had a lick of the blues I couldn’t shake for a non-stop 2-year period. I am not exaggerating. I cannot endorse the MicroNourish System enough.”

Pauline Hanuise, Certified Holistic Health & Recovery Coach

“I can’t recommend MicroNourish’s Core Formula enough – to re-nourish our bodies on a cellular level and heal from the inside out. Working with women suffering with distorted eating patterns – and having recovered from my own 15 years battle with bulimia – I can clearly see how much giving our body the nutrition we need in a very absorbable form is vital to achieve and stay at our optimal health. It’s a must for anyone wanting to upgrade their health or stay healthy.”



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