OrthoNourish Micronutrients were developed to help you through 3 phases of orthopedic care. The nutrients have been blended to help optimize the natural biochemical pathways associated with your body’s healing process after injury and specifically target the musculoskeletal system.*

Phase One: Activation Of The Defense Response (12 – 72 Hours) 

The first three days after an injury are usually characterized by your body going into an inflammation response, and your muscles tensing up from the shock. To set the course for a smooth recovery, the goal in these first 72 hours is to support your body in maintaining a healthy level of inflammation, help the central nervous system relax, and promote the reparative process for injured tissue.* There are many nutritional compounds that support these processes, including:

  • Support a healthy inflammation response – Curcumin Compounds, Ginger, Bioflavanoids, Boswellia, Hops 
  • Promote healthy tissue regeneration – Proteolytic Enzymes 
  • Help relax muscles – Magnesium and Calcium, Valerian, Passionflower, Lemon Balm Leaf 

Phase Two: Reparative Process Begins (4 – 6 Weeks)

The second phase of care is the where the majority of regeneration occurs, as your body utilizes nutrition to repair tissues, cells and collagen. The goal during this reparative phase is to provide the building blocks to: 

  • Accelerate formation of new connective tissue and collagen, and keep excess scar tissue formation at bay
  • Support restoration of movement and improve joint function and stability
  • Maintain a healthy inflammation response

Phase Three: Ongoing & Chronic Care (Long Term & Prevention) 

“It is important to recognize that the tissue is not fully regenerated for several months after an injury.” Lisa Perry, DC 

The third phase is when you are most likely to forget about your recovery as you are out of pain. However, it’s important to know that body takes your body is still working to bring your tissue strength, health and integrity. During this phase, your goal should be to feed your body nutrients that: 

  • Feed ongoing tissue health and integrity 
  • Maintain a healthy inflammation response 
  • Support musculoskeletal strength and flexibility