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Poor Diet May Trigger Low Moods

  Poor Diet My Trigger Poor Moods This segment was taken from Dr. Wulffson’s article on on April 4, 2015. The link to the full article can be found at the bottom of this page. “An increasing body of research suggests that maintaining micronutrient sufficiency helps support balanced moods, mental clarity and a balanced[…]

Kick My Butt. Take My Money.

  Kick My Butt. Take My Money. “Clap like a seal! Feel the burn! You’re worth it!” That’s Emma Galland, a smiling, merciless spinning instructor, barking at resolute participants in Aqua ’s underwater cycling class this week in Tribeca. It wasn’t the most intense workout, but maybe that’s because I was laughing too hard to[…]

Press Release: Announcing MicroNourish Launch

MicroNourish System Announces U.S. Launch, Supporting Brain-Gut Balance with Powerful Nutrients System of Micronutrients & Digestive Formulas Promotes Inner Balance, Mental Clarity, and Balanced Relationship With Food NEW YORK, NY—(17 March, 2015)— MicroNourish, a premier system of nutritional formulas designed to target brain and gut balance, today announced its launch in the United States. The[…]