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Studies: Magnesium Linked To Rapid Boost In Mood

About 19 million Americans report feeling depressive symptoms at some stage (1). There are many ways to approach a bout of the blues: including exercise, therapy and medications. However, to support brain health fully, you need adequate levels of micronutrients, including magnesium. Magnesium is known as the “miracle micronutrient” because of the vital role it plays[…]

Studies: Can Zinc Improve Focus and Brain Health?

Zinc is the second most abundant metal in your body and it is crucial for healthy brain development and function*. Cells in your brain, called neurons, interact with each other by releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters that carry signals from one neuron to another. For your brain to form ideas quickly and efficiently, zinc must be[…]

Studies: Could More Zinc Improve Your Happiness?

Zinc is on the periodic table as a metal. However, its significance goes far beyond the periodic table. Zinc is also a signaling molecule in the brain and an “essential trace element” necessary for human health. Zinc is involved in the immune system, focus, sex, healthy eating habits, and your mood, among many other functions.[…]

BREAKING STUDY: Broad-Spectrum Micronutrients Support Focus & Outlook – Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled

With increasing talk around the over-diagnosis of “attention symptoms,” scientists are paying more attention to the fundamental role minerals and vitamins play in focus and distractibility. Previously, a lot of research focused on the benefit of single nutrients, such as Vitamin B, on state of mind. Now, we are thrilled to see scientists investigating the synergistic[…]

Gut-Brain: Why Balancing Your Gut Is Balancing Your Mind

  “Scientists following this line of research have become increasingly convinced that to fully understand our emotions and behaviors, we need to study the gut as much as the brain,” Dr. Siri Carpenter, That Gut Feeling [1] Are Digestive Issues Compromising Your State Of Mind? You have probably experienced your emotions cause digestive upset. But you[…]

Gut-Brain: Why Your Gut Is Called Your ‘Second Brain’

  “The system is way too complicated to have evolved only to make sure things move out of your colon….A big part of our emotions are probably influenced by the nerves in our gut,” (Emeran Mayer, Professor, Bio-Behavioral Sciences, University of California)* The Science Behind Gut Feelings Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach? Or[…]

Why Micronutrients Are Called The Magic Wands Of Health

Micronutrients are the trace minerals and vitamins that you need in regular doses of less than 100 mcgs to support essential processes that run your brain and body. Because these trace nutrients act as spark plugs (or, co-enzymes) for numerous bodily functions,  they are often referred to as the “magic wands” of health. Hidden micronutrient[…]

Gut-Brain: The Happy Chemicals Machine In Your Gut

Guess Where Seratonin Is Made In Your Body?  Neurotransmitters are the brain chemicals that regulate mood, sleep, appetite, learning and memory. They can make you happy, focused, and balanced … or the opposite. And, in case the title of the post didn’t give it away, they are made in the gut. Micronutrients As Spark-Plugs To[…]