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Studies: Vitamin D And Your Digestive Health

Vitamin D is known by many as the “sunshine vitamin” and as a sidekick to calcium in promoting healthy bones. However, did you know that vitamin D has also been shown to have a role in digestive health? In your intestines, there are millions of cells that are receptors for the vitamin D molecule to[…]

Only 6 Ingredients: Gut-Happy Raw Coconut Chocolate

I Made This Batch Just For You…  As promised on facebook, to celebrate the gut study claiming that dark chocolate may pack a ‘positive punch for our health’ because of our gut microbes, I whisked up a batch of our favorite homemade raw recipe just to share with you. And I managed to snap a picture just before[…]

Is A Gut-Brain Disconnect Behind Your Overeating?

The surges of Dopamine behind your cravings The gut-brain connection has attracted a lot of buzz in the mental health space recently. Now, research suggests that improving the connection between your first brain and second brain could significantly reduce your urge to overeat and strengthen the “full signal” that helps you stop eating when full*.[…]

Want To Understand The Brain-Gut Connection? Just Spend A Day With A Newborn.

At MicroNourish, we’re pretty fixated on helping the world realize the connection between digestive health and your state of mind. So I was chuffed when we realized that Leo, the 7-week son of one of our team members, is the perfect case-study of how the brain-gut cycle works. Four pillars that rise & fall together: Your state of Mind,[…]

Infographic – How Does Your Poop Measure Up?

“I didn’t realize how much my digestive habits ruled my life before.” One of the things we hear all the time is that people’s digestive habits change (for the better) when they start taking micronutrients, probiotics and enzymes. Poop is a surprisingly easy measure of wellness. So, where were you before, and where are you[…]

Gut Reactions: Why Your Gut Is A Barometer For Your Mental Well-Being

Your gut instincts may tell you more than you realized  You’re up for a job interview. Or you have a dreaded conversation coming. How is your stomach feeling? We know intuitively from everyday experience that our emotional state can upset our stomachs. But there is also a scientific correlation. People who have mental health concerns[…]

Magnesium And The Gut-Brain Connection

We are made of bacteria. You may be astonished to hear that there are more bacterial cells in the human body than human ones.  There are over 100 trillion bacterial cells in your body, vastly over numbering the 10 trillion human cells in your body. Even more compelling is that most of these bacteria are[…]

Could The Gut-Brain Connection Hold The Key To Weight Control?

Of course the gut plays a role in eating! It’s the place where all the food goes! However, could there be another factor beyond simple digestion? There are trillions of bacteria in your stomach and intestines that make up the gut microbiome, which according to new research, could be the source of hunger and crucial[…]