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Is Your Busy Life Derailing Your Healthy Eating Goals?

Did you have a nutritious breakfast this morning? Or were you like me, replacing a nutritious breakfast with a cup of coffee and sugary snack to see you through a crazed morning? If so, you’ll have likely experienced this lack of nutritional fuel manifesting itself in severe cravings later in the day. Perhaps this has even led to[…]

Ask Dr. Kel: Everytime I Diet, I End Up Out Of Control With Food. Help!

Q. Hi Dr. Kel! I’m trying to lose weight and feel more balanced but every time I go on a diet I can’t seem to stop eating ravenously and I find myself bingeing and out of control.  This leads to feelings of regret and remorse and I end up on an emotional eating roller-coaster and[…]

5 Steps To Mindful Eating

  Mindful Eating or is a “non-diet” philosophy based on the belief that your body’s natural hunger and full signals provide all the information you need to maintain a balanced weight and health life. The premise of intuitive eating is that learning to “listen” to your body’s innate wisdom, and banishing food rules, can set you[…]

Why Micronutrients Are Called The Magic Wands Of Health

Micronutrients are the trace minerals and vitamins that you need in regular doses of less than 100 mcgs to support essential processes that run your brain and body. Because these trace nutrients act as spark plugs (or, co-enzymes) for numerous bodily functions,  they are often referred to as the “magic wands” of health. Hidden micronutrient[…]