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Studies: How Maintaining Vitamin D Levels Support A Healthy Weight

Vitamin D deficiencies have been implicated in a wide range of health issues; from osteoporosis andto  cholesterol, diabetes, the immune system, and obesity. Recent studies have also now also linked Vitamin D sufficiency to playing a supportive role in the maintenance of a healthy weight.  Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to obesity and a higher[…]

Studies: Folate Status May Play A Role In Your Eating Habits

Folate is one of the most studied B vitamins in the B vitamin complex. It has been known as an essential nutrient in the human body. Folate deficiency has been linked to a variety of health problems, such as anemia, birth defects, and heart disease among many others. Recently, there has been more evidence that[…]

How Micronutrients Helped Me Overcome The Blues

Vitamins and minerals for helping kick the blues?* Really? Well yes! If you regularly feel down, this article might just change your life for the better… There is more and more information about the possible link between mood swings, lows, and vitamins and micronutrients out there.* This is why I wanted to share my own experience. The vitamins[…]

Ask Dr. Kel: I’m Tired, Bloated & Craving Sugar. How Can I Break This Cycle?

Hi Dr. Kel! Help! I feel bloated all the time, I’m constantly tired and I have the worst food cravings. I am trying to make positive changes in my life but I feel so foggy brained and lack motivation most of the time so I end up giving in to sugar and caffeine to get me through the[…]

Do Micronutrients Hold The Key To More Mindful Eating?

“We each have an inner register that can tell us how to eat, when to eat, what to eat, when to stop eating.  Eating is like other bodily functions – sleeping, peeing, walking, sneezing. Our body sends us signals, which we can respond to.” Susie Orbach, Psychotherapist & Author, On Eating Is your body sending you[…]

Micronutrient Deficiencies: Why Your Diet May Not Be As Nutritious As You Think

“Sadly, each successive generation of fast-growing, pest-resistant carrot is truly less good for you than the one before.” Scientific American Your veggie-filled diet may not be as nutritious as you think You eat well. Your diet is balanced, and rich in natural, earthy foods. But, given the diminishing number of nutrients making it through the[…]

Are ‘Mass Food Production’ and ‘Nutrient Density’ Incompatible Goals?

“Our 50-year experiment with industrial agriculture has failed. I believe this conclusion will be readily apparent to anyone willing to seriously examine American diet and health statistics over the past century.” John Iker, Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri, Columbia The impact of a changing agriculture industry. The vanishing micronutrient-content of our food is alarming. But[…]

Is A Gut-Brain Disconnect Behind Your Overeating?

The surges of Dopamine behind your cravings The gut-brain connection has attracted a lot of buzz in the mental health space recently. Now, research suggests that improving the connection between your first brain and second brain could significantly reduce your urge to overeat and strengthen the “full signal” that helps you stop eating when full*.[…]

Are You A Superfoodie? The Eating Revolution Bringing Uber-Delicious & Ultra-Nutritious Together

Are you a superfoodie? su·per-food·ie, adj sü-per-,fü-d? A Foodie: To answer that, it helps to know both the origin of the core word “foodie”—and what superfoods are all about.  These days anyone who’s passionate about food might be called a “foodie.” Foodies don’t just eat for hunger or convenience; for them, food is a hobby or avocation. To[…]