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How A Near-Death Accident Taught Me The Art of Listening

Most of us find it easy and enjoyable to talk about ourselves. I think that partly explains why social media is so popular. Where else can you endlessly share with the world what you are doing or thinking, where you have traveled, or what you care about with such a large and seemingly welcoming audience?[…]

Infographic – How Does Your Poop Measure Up?

“I didn’t realize how much my digestive habits ruled my life before.” One of the things we hear all the time is that people’s digestive habits change (for the better) when they start taking micronutrients, probiotics and enzymes. Poop is a surprisingly easy measure of wellness. So, where were you before, and where are you[…]

Are You A Superfoodie? The Eating Revolution Bringing Uber-Delicious & Ultra-Nutritious Together

Are you a superfoodie? su·per-food·ie, adj sü-per-,fü-d? A Foodie: To answer that, it helps to know both the origin of the core word “foodie”—and what superfoods are all about.  These days anyone who’s passionate about food might be called a “foodie.” Foodies don’t just eat for hunger or convenience; for them, food is a hobby or avocation. To[…]

Gut Reactions: Why Your Gut Is A Barometer For Your Mental Well-Being

Your gut instincts may tell you more than you realized  You’re up for a job interview. Or you have a dreaded conversation coming. How is your stomach feeling? We know intuitively from everyday experience that our emotional state can upset our stomachs. But there is also a scientific correlation. People who have mental health concerns[…]

Is Your Busy Life Derailing Your Healthy Eating Goals?

Did you have a nutritious breakfast this morning? Or were you like me, replacing a nutritious breakfast with a cup of coffee and sugary snack to see you through a crazed morning? If so, you’ll have likely experienced this lack of nutritional fuel manifesting itself in severe cravings later in the day. Perhaps this has even led to[…]

Ask Dr. Kel: Everytime I Diet, I End Up Out Of Control With Food. Help!

Q. Hi Dr. Kel! I’m trying to lose weight and feel more balanced but every time I go on a diet I can’t seem to stop eating ravenously and I find myself bingeing and out of control.  This leads to feelings of regret and remorse and I end up on an emotional eating roller-coaster and[…]

Health & Wellness: Give Your Mom The Gift Of Health

  Health & Wellness: Gift Your Mom The Gift Of Health MicroNourish System Give Mom the gift of health, with a new product designed to promote inner balance and mental clarity. Research indicates that micronutrients (trace minerals and vitamins) are important for maintaining mood stability and focus. Unfortunately, with our modern lifestyles, many people are[…]

Micronutrients Used To Achieve Mental Wellness

MicroNourish Uses Micro-Nutrients to Improve Your Health People who were given micro-nutrients (trace minerals and vitamins like zinc and chromium) following the earthquake saw a marked decrease in levels of stress and anxiety, and an improvement in mood and energy. So why is this important? Well, you don’t have to suffer through a natural disaster[…]