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Ask Dr. Kel: I’m Tired, Bloated & Craving Sugar. How Can I Break This Cycle?

Hi Dr. Kel! Help! I feel bloated all the time, I’m constantly tired and I have the worst food cravings. I am trying to make positive changes in my life but I feel so foggy brained and lack motivation most of the time so I end up giving in to sugar and caffeine to get me through the[…]

Ask Dr. Kel: Everytime I Diet, I End Up Out Of Control With Food. Help!

Q. Hi Dr. Kel! I’m trying to lose weight and feel more balanced but every time I go on a diet I can’t seem to stop eating ravenously and I find myself bingeing and out of control.  This leads to feelings of regret and remorse and I end up on an emotional eating roller-coaster and[…]