Press Release: MicroNourish Core Awarded Best Brain Health/Mood Product of 2015 -

MicroNourish Core Announced As Top CPG Product for Innovation and Market Impact in Brain Health by CPG Editor’s Choice Award of Informa’s SupplySide

Las Vegas (Oct 7, 2015) — MicroNourish Core was today announced as the winner of 2015 SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Award for Brain Health and Mood.

The SupplySide editorial team awarded achievements in consumer packaged goods (CPG) for innovation and market impact across 18 different categories. The Brain Health Award was introduced this year.

MicroNourish Core feeds the brain and nourishes the gut with high-performance minerals, bioavailable vitamins, powerful amino acids and premium botanicals, to support better focus, mental clarity, balanced moods, and a calmer relationship with food.*

A growing body of research indicates that micronutrients are important for mood stability and focus, and that healthy brain-gut balance is pivotal in maintaining mental wellness and balanced eating. That is why MicroNourish Core addresses micronutrient absorption, the brain-gut connection, and digestion, together. MicroNourish Core provides premier micronutrients in one powerhouse daily supplement that’s easy to remember. Since You Are What You Absorb®, the nutrients are blended for maximum absorption and assimilation by the brain and body.

Winners of the CPG Editor’s Choice Awards were announced in an Awards Presentation at SupplySide West 2015, on October 7 at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In her Award Acceptance Speech, MicroNourish CEO and Founder, Nadia Tarazi, said:

“We are very honored to win this Brain Health Award. We believe that the introduction of a Brain Health Award marks a pivotal moment in which people are looking towards micronutrients and digestive health as the foundational pillars of mental wellness. We are absolutely thrilled to be given the platform to help educate people about that.”

For nearly 20 years, SupplySide has helped dietary supplement, food, beverage, animal nutrition, personal care and cosmetic professionals find information to explore, discover, innovate and market their next best-selling product.

“This year’s Editor’s Choice Awards judging saw the team narrow down the field from hundreds of products to only five on the short list in each category,” said Heather Granato, Vice President, Content, Informa’s Health & Nutrition Network. “The winning items stood out for bringing a combination of factors, from taste and delivery method to innovation in ingredients and cutting-edge science. They truly represent category leaders and set a high bar for next year’s program.”

 About MicroNourish Core

MicroNourish Core includes high-performance minerals, bioavailable vitamins, brain-supporting amino acids, and absorption-enhancing botanicals –  to feed the brain and nourish the gut* –  in one powerhouse daily supplement that’s easy to remember.

The Brain-Gut Balance Formulation :

  • Supports the growing number of studies that suggest a strong gut-brain connection is essential for mental clarity. The formula actively targets that connection with amino acids like L-Glutamine that support the digestive lining while helping fuel the brain.*
  • Leverages mounting research linking micronutrients to improved mental well-being* – including a broad-spectrum of trace minerals like selenium, chromium, molybdenum and iodine.
  • Makes nutrition for brain health easy: People seeking to improve their state of mind can find it hard to adhere to the complicated combinations of trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids and botanicals recommended to them. With MicroNourish Core, even those taking higher doses still have only one bottle to remember. *
  • Prioritizes superior absorption: Includes high-quality micronutrients in complementary ratios and bioavailable forms; including, for example, using “pre-digested” B Vitamins such as Methylfolate (5-MTHF) over Folic Acid and Methylcobalamin over Cobalamin.*
  • Is based on a track record of success: The formula has been refined through case-study feedback from practitioners working with individuals reporting challenges – and improvements – related to scattered mind, focus, digestion and mood swings.*
  • Is enhanced with botanicals and antioxidants, such as Ginkgo Biloba and Grape Seed Extract, to support focus and improve mineral absorption at the brain-barrier level.*

In summary, MicroNourish Core makes mental wellness accessible and achievable by bringing a mounting body of science on micronutrients to a new wave of empowered consumers who understand that quality micronutrition fuels their brain, that gut health matters, and that bioavailability and quality can make all the difference when it comes to their state of mind. MicroNourish Core is an award-winning product because it combines real-life practical successes with cutting-edge science in a solution tailored for a modern consumer on the go.

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