Ask Dr. Kel: I'm Tired, Bloated & Craving Sugar. How Can I Break This Cycle? -

Hi Dr. Kel! Help! I feel bloated all the time, I’m constantly tired and I have the worst food cravings. I am trying to make positive changes in my life but I feel so foggy brained and lack motivation most of the time so I end up giving in to sugar and caffeine to get me through the day. I am so lost…where do I start?

A. Hi! You mentioned feeling lost. This is not surprising because feeling lost goes hand in hand with feeling bloated, tired and food cravings. Most people are not familiar with the brain-gut connection but I am here to tell you that it is the first place to look when you are experiencing the above challenges. Your gut is actually the seat of your health and intuition. We’ve all heard of “gut feelings”. When we pay attention to our gut feelings, they lead us towards healthy choices for us…unless you don’t have a healthy gut. And your gut doesn’t just provide us direction in life. The health of our gut determines the health of our immune system, how well we digest our food, and much of how we feel.

The neurons in the gut produce as much dopamine as those in your head. 

What does this mean? It means that if your gut is unhealthy then your intuitive brain is foggy. When this happens, your energy, mood, cravings and digestive system is out of whack causing you to feel tired, bloated and reaching for sugar, caffeine and other addicted foods. When the neurons in the gut can’t produce the proper amount of neurotransmitters, then your sleep, mood, pleasure, attention and cravings take a bit of a hit.

What can we do? We have to start with the basics. You’ve heard the saying “We are what we eat”, right? Not so much! As MicroNourish says, “We are what we absorb!”

If you want to see a real shift in your body, your health and your energy, I recommend patients start with the MicroNourish System because it is designed to support you in achieving deep nutrition and a balanced gut. It will support you in being more in tune with your body, your feelings, your appetite and your truest self so that you can make better food choices. The MicroNourish System is made up of three amazing products and I have seen clients feel the difference within 8 weeks. I recommend clients also use with tracking sheets to track the results right before your eyes.*

Build a foundation of broad-spectrum micronutrients

I choose Core Micronutrients because the formula contains macro and micro nutrients that help boost your mind by producing those neurotransmitters that we talked about,  help support balance blood sugar so you have less mood swings and sugar cravings, and help you be in touch with your “gut feelings”.  It also contains key vitamins including Vitamin A, C, D, E, and all the B’s that support consistent energy, attention span and brain function. The formula also contains essential amino acids like dl-Phenylalanine, Glutamine and Methionine that promote tissue repair, digestion and healing of the gut, and nutrient-dense antioxidants like grape seed extract and ginkgo biloba that can help fight free-radicals, boost your immune system, and help elevate your mood.*

Add live plant enzymes to help maximize nutrient absorption

Supplementing your diet with Digestive Plant Enzymes can helps your body  utilize your micronutrients from supplements as well as digest and assimilate the food you eat on a daily basis. This can help you feel less bloated, gassy and prevent those crazy food cravings because you will actually be absorbing what you are eating. 

Support healthy gut microbiome with whole food probiotics & prebiotics

To help support your digestive tract, you need healthy bacteria in your gut. Taking a daily probiotic supplement with prebiotics is a good idea. I like the Superfood Probiotics because they contains a combination of over 800 million probiotics with prebiotics from superfood ingredients. Restoring “good bacteria” helps maintain a healthy digestive tract, a strong brain-gut connection and a brighter, happier outlook.*

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