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“We each have an inner register that can tell us how to eat, when to eat, what to eat, when to stop eating.  Eating is like other bodily functions – sleeping, peeing, walking, sneezing. Our body sends us signals, which we can respond to.” Susie Orbach, Psychotherapist & Author, On Eating

Is your body sending you confusing signals? 

For anyone who has struggled with food, learning to eat according to the body’s innate wisdom and intuition can be life-changing. But, if you find it hard to hear your hunger and full signals through brain-fog, stress and energy swings, mindful eating can seem like a pipe dream.

If you are suffering from a micronutrient deficiency, the intuitive eating pipe dream can feel even more distant. That was the case for Jennifer:

I’ve struggled with regular eating habits since I took ballet as a pre-teen. Hello, food issues!

Now, in adulthood, I have IBS – a lovely umbrella acronym which, to me, really just means “constantly uncomfortable!”… and, on bad days, feeling out of control.

But after 8 months taking micronutrients, enzymes and probiotics, I’m feeling much more stable and in control. I am enjoying regular, balanced meals that leave me feeling satisfied (because I’m properly digesting them). Before, my relationship with food ranged from guilt to panic. Now, I feel calmer when I eat – which has reduced my overall stress levels and ultimately has led to a much more positive every day experience.

Has dieting left you short of micronutrients?

Trace nutrients help your brain run essential functions. These functions include balancing moods, maintaining mental clarity, and running appetite and metabolism*. If you have dieted a lot, you may have even more diminished levels of these micronutrients*. Having a strong trace-nutrient foundation may support intuitive eating by:

  • Filling trace nutrient deficiencies that impact state of mind – and may have been worsened from a history of yo-yo dieting* 
  • Helping rebalance and restore gut bacteria to increase nutrient absorption from the foods you eat, encouraging a stronger brain-gut connection*
  • Supporting stable moods and a clear head so you can slow down and “hear” your internal signals more clearly*

If you have dieted in the past your body may be short of specific micronutrients and, unfortunately, you may find it hard to get enough of these trace nutrients from food due to the dramatic decline in trace minerals in fruits and vegetables – no matter how prepared you are to listen to your body’s needs: Why Your Food May Not Be As Nutritious As You Think.

Build your intuition toolkit.

Restoring gut balance and absorbing more micronutrients may be the cornerstone to a holistic toolkit for a calmer relationship with your body and weight. If you are seeking a more intuitive approach to eating, your toolkit will help you through tougher days. 3 tools you can start with:

  • Develop a ritual for “tuning in”  to your intuition that you can do anywhere (and about anything, not just food!)
  • When you first develop hunger signals, drink a glass of water to help you slow down and listen to your appetite
  • Have a sense of humor about your relationship with food. It’s just food.

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