Ask Dr. Kel: Everytime I Diet, I End Up Out Of Control With Food. Help! -

Q. Hi Dr. Kel! I’m trying to lose weight and feel more balanced but every time I go on a diet I can’t seem to stop eating ravenously and I find myself bingeing and out of control.  This leads to feelings of regret and remorse and I end up on an emotional eating roller-coaster and gain even more weight.  What can I take to make me feel more balanced and not reaching for food to control my emotions?

A. You are not alone in feeling ravenous and out of control when trying to lose weight. 

Most diets fail because the program sets rules regarding food that takes away from the innate wisdom of your body. Your body is vital. It is intelligent. It has an innate wisdom that directs you to what you need when you need it. But in order for this to work properly, you have to fuel your body with the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy and maintain emotional stability. When you struggle with mood swings, brain fog and out-of-control hunger, then you may be short of micronutrients. Macro and micro minerals are like spark plugs that ignite cellular functions and provide your body with what it needs in order to keep you heathy. When your body receives proper nutrients, it feels more balanced and experiences less food cravings.*

If you are already taking Core Micronutrients, you may benefit from boosting your dose for a few days. I have seen patients have good results taking the MicroNourish formula. The formula was specially developed to address Brain-Gut Balance and includes 36 powerful nutrients that help you feel good, manage stress and lessen food cravings.* I recommend it because it includes:

  • DL-Phenylalanine acts to release an intestinal hormone that signals the brain to feel satiated after eating, supporting less searching and binge eating. DL-Phenylalanine can also help you maintain a positive outlook so you don’t feel like you’re riding that emotional roller-coaster and feel out of control.*
  • Zinc that helps manage your bodies stress responses and helps you to maintain focus.*
  • Chromium which aids in glucose metabolism, helping to regulate blood sugar (already within the normal range), which in turns may help you avoid turning to sugar and simple carbohydrates for extra fuel.*
  • Vitamin B12 which plays a role in mood and energy balance so you’re less likely to turn to food in order to cope with your out of control emotions.*


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