Is Your Busy Life Derailing Your Healthy Eating Goals? -

Did you have a nutritious breakfast this morning?

Or were you like me, replacing a nutritious breakfast with a cup of coffee and sugary snack to see you through a crazed morning? If so, you’ll have likely experienced this lack of nutritional fuel manifesting itself in severe cravings later in the day. Perhaps this has even led to a further series of quick, unhealthy, quick-fixes as your body strives to replace the nutrients it’s not receiving.

Back to back meetings, sorting out family and kids, and general life over-scheduling, can impinge upon best set intentions to eat well. Even if our diet is generally well-balanced the occasional day of cravings, bad eating or survival on caffeine can derail healthy efforts, and leave us void of the micronutrients we need to fire on all levels. Even a day of erratic eating can have a knock on effect into other facets of our lives; mental well being, energy levels, focus, compounding the stress we feel on a daily basis.

The 5 top indicators that you may benefit from more micronutrients: 

  1. You struggle with mood swings and lack of focus*
  2. You often feel guilty about the food you eat
  3. Your energy fluctuates considerably throughout the day*
  4. You suffer from occasional digestive issues*
  5. You feel overwhelmed regularly*

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You consume a balanced diet, on the whole, but still experience occasional overeating & cravings

Unfortunately, even a healthy diet can leave you with a micronutrient deficiency. Diminishing nutrients in fruits and vegetables mean less minerals on your plate.
Over the years micronutrients have started to dwindle from our fruits and vegetables due to depleted soils, chemical usage and farming methods. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that more than half the American population is not getting the Daily Recommended intake (DRI) of essential vitamins and minerals in their diet. Digestive issues also inhibit nutrient absorption.

3 things I’m going to do today to help bring me back on track

  1. Eat clean – By eating fresh produce I am ensuring that I am filling my body with nutrient rich food, rather than empty calories that do nothing but distract my digestive system from metabolising and absorbing the minerals the body needs
  2. Eat variety – we’re lucky these days that we have access to such an array of exotic foods – I’m going to try some out and add a different fruit or vegetable per week to my diet, or try a new grain that I haven’t yet cooked with
  3. Take my MicroNourish Micronutrients – I’m going to make life a little simpler by taking my micronutrient Core vitamin blend. The MicroNourish team have spent years testing the ratios and synergies for optimum micronutrient availability to increase overall nutrient activation in your cells, body and brain.

Offset your bad days by boosting your Core Micronutrients to replenish your body with powerful vitamins and minerals, even when your diet isn’t providing them. You may benefit by craving fewer unhealthy foods, by feeling more in tune with your body and by being able to focus more, for an overall sense of clarity and calm. Even on the days that aren’t perfect, feel supported.

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