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Inner Balance

” When you come to the mat, it is your time. It’s your time for a practice that prepares you to face, confront and overcome life’s challenges off the mat. Yoga empowers you to take on those challenges with courage and a calm mind. You don’t run from the edge but get comfortable, take what comes, learn from the uncomfortable and respond.” Alyson Boyd

For me, coming to the mat with a clear mind, ready to be present in the flow of breath and movement, helps me push that edge further. Nutrition and digestion play a key part in preparing my mind and body for an optimal practice, and maintaining a sense of presence on the mat enables me to get the most out of my yoga.

The micronutrients I gain from my green juices, plants and MicroNourish Core support my yoga practice in three essential ways:

  1. PREPARATION: Making time for my practice can be easier said than done. Life is stressful. Things come up. Micronutrients help the body run it’s essential processes, supporting mood stabilization and coping skills. When those are where they should be, the easier I find it to make space and time to get to my when it matters.
  2. PRESENT PRACTICE: Yoga helps clear brain-fog and create inner stillness, and the more clarity I have when I arrive at the mat, the more I get from my practice.  Micronutrients help support mental clarity and digestive ease, making it easier to stay present during my practice. A clearer mind helps me move and breathe more easily.
  3. PHYSICAL RECOVERY: Having a broad-spectrum of micronutrients help support stable eating patterns and balanced energy as they provide the body with the “spark plugs” that create and manage cellular behavior (including the synthesis of neurotransmitters!). With sound nutritional support, my body can recover faster in order to be ready for my next practice, and therefore get the most from my yoga day in and day out.

To me, yoga and micronutrients are the perfect partnership for balance, from the inside out. Micronutrients do for my cells what yoga does for my spirit.

Alyson Boyd, Crossfitter, Yoga Instructor & Social Media Manager

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