• 1. Feed Your Brain. Find Your Focus.

    Replace your multivitamin with this award-winning Brain-Gut Balance formula. MicroNourish Core feeds your cells powerful nutrients often low in the modern diet that support better focus, mental clarity and calmer moods*.


  • 2. Nourish Your Gut. Calm Your Mind.

    Add MicroNourish Active Digestive Enzymes and Superfood PRObiotics and PREbiotics to boost micronutrient absorption, ease digestion, improve your gut bacteria, and strengthen your brain-gut connection.


  • 3. Track Success. Find Mind-Body Balance.

    Mark your progress with MicroNourish Tracking Sheets, and join the MicroNourish Magazine community to learn lifestyle strategies, coaching tips, recipes and more to build your best brain and gut from the inside out.



To catalyze deep nutrition absorption, start with an 8-week loading phase. To move straight to maintenance, choose the monthly kit.

  • Core Micronutrients (120 Capsules)

    Support balanced moods, mental clarity and a balanced relationship with food by feeding your brain powerful trace-elements harder to find in modern diets. The powerhouse micronutrient formula is packed with 16 minerals, 14 vitamins, 3 amino acids, 3 antioxidants and nutrient-rich plants blended to promote inner balance.*

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  • Superfood Probiotics & Prebiotics Bundle

    A superior formula of over 800 million probiotics and superfood prebiotics blended to help balance the digestive tract, increase micronutrient absorption, promote bowel regularity and support the brain-gut connection.*

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    Digestive Plant Enzymes + Superfood Probiotics & Prebiotics

    A balanced gut is essential for optimal brain health and micronutrient absorption. Many people with brain-fog and mood swings also have digestive issues. Active Plant Enzymes and Superfood Probiotics work together to maximize the uptake of nutrition through your digestive tract, support regularity, and promote brain-gut balance.*

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