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You Are What You Absorb ®

There has never been a better time to support better mood balance, mental clarity and inner calm from the inside.

We aim to help you build brain-body resiliency with clinically-proven nutrients in the form your gut naturally absorbs.  Digest high-quality micronutrition to help find your focus, balance your eating and gut health, hydrate your cells, and calm your body from a cellular level.*  All our products are tried, trusted and rigorously tested.

So, you can trust your gut.

The MicroNourish System

1. Feed Your Brain. Find Your Focus.

Replace your multivitamin with this award-winning Brain-Gut Balance formula. MicroNourish Core feeds your cells powerful nutrients often low in the modern diet that support better focus, mental clarity and calmer moods*.

2. Nourish Your Gut. Calm Your Mind.

Add MicroNourish Active Digestive Enzymes and Vital Biome Probiotics to boost micronutrient absorption, ease digestion, improve your gut bacteria, and strengthen your brain-gut connection.

3. Track Success. Find Mind-Body Balance.

Mark your progress with MicroNourish Tracking Sheets to build your best brain and gut from the inside out.



Micronutrients for brain-GUT balance

Feed your brain and nourish your gut with MicroNourish. The 3-part system was designed to provide deep cellular and brain nutrition while nourishing your microbiome to support balanced moods, better focus and clarity, and a calmer relationship with food.

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micronutrients for YOGA HYDRATION & ATHLETE RECOVERY (Vegan)

Replenish and recover with OmNourish.* Blended to support the yogic and athletic journey by helping you stay hydrated, oxygenated and alkalized with clean sea- and plant-based ingredients.

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Support faster healing after injury with OrthoNourish. The nutrients in the injury kit were blended in an orthopedic surgery setting to help optimize the natural biochemical pathways associated with the 3 phases of healing after tears or breaks. Specifically blended to support the musculoskeletal system.*

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