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Could I benefit from taking Core Micronutrients?

The Core Micronutrient formula is packed with high-quality vitamins, minerals, plant nutrients and amino acids to support optimal health and function. You may benefit from taking this micronutrient formula if you are:

  • Looking for a superior nutritional product for general health. Even though you may be eating well, there is a high chance you aren’t getting the optimal amount of vitamins and trace minerals you need to function at your best. Core Micronutrients provides a broad-spectrum of chelated minerals, vitamins, amino acids and powerful plant nutrients designed to provide a strong nutritional foundation for health.*
  • Seeking mood balance, a more positive outlook, increased focus and better energy. The ingredients in Core Micronutrients may support those struggling with mood swings, focus, and general stress.*
  • Struggling with occasional digestive complaints. Core Micronutrients may help normalize digestive symptoms, such as occasional constipation, diarrhea and bloating. There is a strong correlation between gut health and mental health so it is no surprise that they are both often seen to improve together when taking micronutrients.*
  • Striving for a more balanced relationship with food. If you struggle with cravings, or regularly restrict your food intake to try and lose weight, you may benefit from more of the core nutrients you need to feel your best. Core Micronutrients may help support you in working towards regulating blood sugar balance already within the normal range, and thus help you manage your impulses around food.

*Please note that Micronutrient Solutions’ products are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure disease. In some cases, dietary supplements may have unwanted effects, especially if taken before surgery or with other dietary supplements or medicine, or if you have certain health conditions. Do not self diagnose any health condition. Work with your health care provider to determine how best to achieve optimal health and check with your doctor before starting a new supplement protocol, particularly if you are taking any form of medications. [Core Micronutrient ingredients are known to interact with anti-depressants and psychotropic drugs. Please do not try and come off these drugs based on anything you read here or without full medical oversight.]

What Are The Core Micronutrient Formula Differentiators?

The Core Micronutrient formula is a high-quality multinutrient, optimized for absorption. If you wanted more copper in your diet, you would not swallow a penny. Likewise, with supplements, the form that the nutrients are in makes all the difference. The Core Micronutrient formula is a nutritional blend developed with quality, absorption and effectiveness in mind:

  • Quality Raw Ingredients: The Core Micronutrients formula does not pack in inferior ingredients so that we can claim high dosages on the label at a lower price. Core Micronutrients are produced with raw materials from quality sources, using the most natural forms wherever possible. Every individual ingredient is tested prior to being included.
  • Superior Preparation: The nutrients in Core Micronutrients are ground to tiny particles, and then bound to amino acids, to help the body recognize them as food. This creates additional volume which means you need to take more Core Micronutrient capsules than perhaps you are used to, but this extra step also ensures maximum absorption.
  • Advanced Nutrient Ratios: The ratio of nutrients to one another is vitally important because the deficiency or excess of one nutrient can inhibit or facilitate the absorption of another. For example, Vitamin C facilitates the absorption of Iron. In Core Micronutrients, the ingredient ratios have been carefully balanced to maximize the synergies that enable your body to use the nutrients effectively at the various receptor sites throughout the digestive tract.
  • Plant Nutrients: In addition to including high-quality vitamins and trace minerals, Core Micronutrients include a  blend of herbs and plant nutrients (such as gingko biloba) that support mood, energy and metabolic balance.
  • Powerful Amino Acids: Amino acids are the molecules that serve as building blocks for proteins. Amino acids are critical to keeping you healthy as they are essential in virtually every biological process in your body. In addition to the amino acids used in the preparation (chelation) of the minerals, Core Micronutrients include important amino acids that support the production of enzymes, neurotransmitters and hormones in the body.


Are there any side-effects to taking Core Micronutrients?

Generally, people respond well to Core Micronutrients without side-effects, particularly when the daily amount is increased gradually. However, those with a more sensitive stomach may experience some digestive upset or nausea as the body adjusts to the formula. This usually subsides and disappears during the Loading Phase. That is why we recommend taking Core Micronutrients with food, and increasing your daily amount slowly as both of these will help reduce stomach upset. We do not recommend taking Core Micronutrients on an empty stomach as the minerals are strong and could make you nauseous without food.

Does the Core Micronutrient Formula give the body everything it lacks?

No, and you should be very wary of any company that makes claims that their products do. A healthy diet is always important. Be sure to get plenty of macro- and micronutrients in your diet from whole, fresh sources, drink plenty of water and eat high-fermented foods. Support that diet with Core Micronutrients to help fill the gaps that healthy diets miss and make up for any genetic predisposition you may have to need certain nutrients, and you will be on the road to a healthier future, mentally and physically.

How is Core Micronutrients tested for safety?

All MicroNourish products are formulated in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Every ingredient has been tested prior to and after being blended into the formulas, according to GMP standards.

Is the Core Micronutrient Formula safe for pregnant/nursing women and children?

The formula includes powerful nutrients and each person is individual. Some of the nutrients may be contra-indicated for pregnant women when taken in higher doses. If you become pregnant when taking Core Micronutrients, please take the supplement facts to your doctor. If you are already pregnant and have not taken the formula before, please take caution and wait until you have given birth, and finished nursing. Likewise, please do not give children any supplements without first consulting a pediatrician.

Can I take Core Micronutrients with medications?

[See question below if those medications are anti-depressants or psychiatric medications.]

Core Micronutrients  is a nutrient product and thus unlikely to interfere with most medications, but as always, check with your doctor and pharmacist for contra-indications before embarking on any new supplement program. It is also possible that taking micronutrients and improving your gut absorption may actually alter your medication needs so make sure your doctor monitors your medication when taking Core Micronutrients or making any other important health changes.

Can I take Core Micronutrients with anti-depressants and other psychiatric medications?

Not without medical supervision. Micronutrients are specifically known to alter the body’s response to psychotropic drugs. It is essential that you consult with your physician before taking Core Micronutrients if you are taking MAO inhibitors, neuroleptics, psychotropics, or any other forms of medication. Do not alter or discontinue any medical treatment based on information on this page, nor without the total supervision and support of your medical advisors.

Micronutrients have been shown to influence the Central Nervous System and benefit gut health,  and thus may increase the side effects of the drugs you are taking as this happens. Tell your doctor about Core Micronutrients and become familiar with the side effects of the drugs you are taking. If you notice an increase in those side effects, speak to your doctor about changing or lowering your dosage. Please DO NOT attempt to withdraw from any drug without your doctor’s supervision. Withdrawal from pharmaceutical drugs can induce strong side-effects that could be dangerous.

Questions about MicroNourish System Guidelines

How soon will I see results?

Most people notice a significant difference within a matter of weeks, and some, in a matter of days. However you are an individual with unique lifestyle factors: genetics, age, diet, habits and medication history all impact how quickly you see an improvement when taking Core Micronutrients. That’s why we suggest making an 8-week commitment to the MicroNourish System upfront, and using the tracking worksheets to help chart your progress.

When should I start?

As soon as possible. The caveat is that if you are going through a particularly stressful or high-pressured time, such as an important business trip, you may want to introduce micronutrients more slowly to your system to avoid any stomach issues you may experience as your body adjusts.

Do I have to take enzymes and probiotics for Core Micronutrients to work?

No. The MicroNourish Core Micronutrients is a powerful, broad-spectrum formula that has been designed for absorption. The digestive products are designed to support your stomach and gut in assimilating maximum nutrition from the formula and food, but are not vital to seeing progress with Core Micronutrients. If you find you are not responding as fast as you would like, or you find it difficult to digest, we suggest adding the Digestive Plant Enzymes alongside MicroNourish Core Micronutrients.

Why is the Loading phase 8 Weeks? Can I do it for shorter/longer?

When you are ready to try Core Micronutrients, we encourage you to to make an 8-12 week commitment to give yourself the opportunity to feel the significant differences of having a strong micronutrient foundation. However, the Loading Phase is just a guide. You may choose to increase your amount of Core Micronutrients more slowly, or stay on the Loading Phase amount until you see notable changes and feel ready to try reducing your daily amount. If you do increase your micronutrients more slowly, give yourself longer to notice changes.

I’ve taken the Loading Phase amount for a few weeks and am not noticing any differences. What should I do?

Some people have a genetic predisposition to need more micronutrients. If you have not seen any differences after a few weeks, try increasing your Core Micronutrient amount by 1-2 per day, and taking the capsules with 3 Digestive Plant Enzymes until you start to notice changes. Don’t forget to fill out your Tracking Worksheets to monitor your progress and help build new habits.  Follow our Magazine for tips and guidelines on reducing external factors that could be placing undue stress on your system and may be inhibiting your absorption of nutrients.

I really hate swallowing capsules. Any tips?

Some people have said they find it easier to swallow the capsules if they tilt their head back and place the capsules all the way on the back of their tongue before taking a large gulp of water. You could also split your daily amount of micronutrients across smaller meals and snacks throughout the day if you find it easier to take them individually. Just note that the Vitamin B could boost your energy so, if you have trouble sleeping, you may not want to take them too late in the day.

Can I take my daily amounts all at one time?

You can split your daily amount of Core Micronutrients across your meals – in whichever way works best for you. However, we suggest that you don’t take more than 4 at one time to give your body the chance to absorb each dose fully. We also recommend that those suffering with mood swings take Core Micronutrients at steady intervals (i.e. across 3 meals instead of 2) to help support daily balance and build a routine. Note that the high doses of Vitamin B in MicroNourish Core are known to increase energy. If you have trouble sleeping, you may want avoid taking Core Micronutrients after 4pm. Try having your third dose with an afternoon snack instead of dinner.

How long will I need to take micronutrients?

Taking micronutrients regularly is a positive way to support long-term health. Specifically, research suggests that people with mood imbalances have higher trace nutrient needs, so most people seeking more mental wellness will probably want to continue taking Core Micronutrients as part of their daily routine. You may find that over time you need to take fewer capsules to feel the same benefit.

Where can I find out more about micronutrients?

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Where can I buy the best micronutrients on the market?

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