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Nadia Tarazi


I’m Nadia. As a media producer and Executive Coach, I came across a lot of overwhelmed people (including myself!). When I discovered the power that micronutrients and brain-gut balance have on helping achieve equilibrium, I started MicroNourish to provide educational resources and practical tools to help people improve focus, gain mental clarity, and feel calmer on daily basis. Read on for pragmatic approaches to feed your brain the nutrients it needs to thrive, make positive daily choices to support your brain type, and nourish your gut and spirit for inner balance, better clarity and calmer stress responses.

Everything you find here is based on real-life learnings, scientific research, and practical application – including tools I use to maximize my productivity, and what I’ve learned (and am still learning!) about about how digestion, eating and sleep all contribute to my focus.  Our philosophy is all about living nutrient-rich, experience-rich, lives. We aren’t into strict lists of rules and don’ts. I’m a big believer that a list of don’ts only provides spirited individuals something to rebel from!

So, we aren’t about creating more wagons to fall off. We are about helping you fill your cells with deep nutrition to support your brain, and living nourishing lives: free of obsession, filled with integrity and joy, and designed to play around your strengths.

Together, let’s Nourish our cells, Nourish our minds, Nourish our lives!

You are what you absorb.®


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You Are What You Absorb.®