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Mental Fog Hijacking Your Workout?

Exercise is supposed to clear your mind and energize your body, right? But if you’re reaching for sugar and caffeine to fuel your day, you know all too well how feeling overwhelmed and stressed can disrupt your workout — from making it hard to find your center on your yoga matt, to preventing you from […]

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Studies: 3 Ways Zinc Boosts Digestion

Along with other metals such as Iron, Magnesium, and Copper, Zinc is part of a group called “trace minerals”, which act as helpers in tasks such as cognition, maintaining mood, growth, and digestion*. Zinc, specifically, aids in digestion by attaching to over 300 enzymes (structures made of proteins that break down other molecules); including ones […]

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Are You A Superfoodie? The Eating Revolution Bringing Uber-Delicious & Ultra-Nutritious Together

Are you a superfoodie? su·per-food·ie, adj sü-per-,fü-d? A Foodie: To answer that, it helps to know both the origin of the core word “foodie”—and what superfoods are all about.  These days anyone who’s passionate about food might be called a “foodie.” Foodies don’t just eat for hunger or convenience; for them, food is a hobby or avocation. To […]

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