• Deep Nutrition

    Micronutrients are tiny vitamins and minerals that you need every day to maintain mental clarity, stable moods, digestive balance, and balanced appetite.*


  • For Your Mind & Gut

    A decline of minerals in modern diets, and rise in occasional digestive issues, may make absorption harder. This could be a link to finding mind-body balance.*


  • Absorb Wisely

    You don’t want supplements that pass right through you. Micronutrients need to be attached to proteins, and blended in ratios, to help your body recognize them as food.


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Meet people who have found inner balance, clarity and calm by building a strong nutritional foundation with MicroNourish.

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    MicroNourish System: 8-Week Loading Kit

    Feed your brain superior micronutrients and nourish your digestive system to support better moods, focus, energy, and a more nourishing relationship with food. Increase your overall nutrient absorption and track your progress towards brain-gut balance for inner equilibrium clarity and calm, when it matters most.*

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  • MicroNourish-Core-720x720

    Core Micronutrients (228 Capsules)

    This Brain-Gut Balance Formula supports balanced moods, mental clarity and a positive relationship with food by feeding your brain powerful nutrients often low in the modern diet.* The powerhouse micronutrient formula is packed with 16 minerals, 14 vitamins, 3 amino acids, 3 antioxidants and nutrient-rich plants blended to promote inner balance.*

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    Digestive Plant Enzymes + Superfood Probiotics & Prebiotics

    A balanced gut is essential for optimal brain health and micronutrient absorption. Many people with brain-fog and mood swings also have digestive issues. Active Plant Enzymes and Superfood Probiotics work together to maximize the uptake of nutrition through your digestive tract, support regularity, and promote brain-gut balance.*

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