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    Core Micronutrients (120 Capsules)

    Support balanced moods, mental clarity and a balanced relationship with food by feeding your brain powerful trace-elements harder to find in modern diets. The powerhouse micronutrient formula is packed with 16 minerals, 14 vitamins, 3 amino acids, 3 antioxidants and nutrient-rich plants blended to promote inner balance.*

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    MicroNourish System: Monthly Kit

    The MicroNourish System was designed to target brain and gut balance for stable moods, mental clarity and a calmer relationship with food. The three formulas work together to support achievement of deep nutrition and a balanced gut, no matter what you’re going through. This kit includes 30 days of product at maintenance doses. 

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    MicroNourish System: 8-Week Loading Kit

    Feed your brain superior micronutrients and nourish your digestive system to support better moods, focus, energy, and a more nourishing relationship with food. Increase your overall nutrient absorption and track your progress towards brain-gut balance for inner equilibrium clarity and calm, when it matters most.*

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